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Container Modifications and Conversions

Here we see some samples of the conversion projects we do.

These are taken from our self storage yard build we are doing in

We are expanding the site to double stack and it is far more cost
effective to convert 40 foot units into mini units than buy for example
10 fts or 8 fts. Our self storage site can be seen here >

We are always looking for more clients please drop by.These 40 ft. containers
converted to the highest standard were modified by our top conversion specialist
Chris Greenfield and assistance from Matt Ashley both have extensive knowledge of
the industry and continue to expand our conversion business.

As a company we can convert shipping containers into pretty much anything you can
think of thinking out side the box we can build offices, all types of living
accommodation,workshops,self storage,chemical stores, tack rooms the list is

For accommodation conversion check out this site

We can build water and waste tanks to your specification. Our 2 newest products the "tankaloo" and the "container tank" are proving to be very
successful and popular products.

Please call for more info, or visit our new site
Our Container Modifications Web Proftolio
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